A birth!


I am still in shock—today I saw a birth! It was absolutely incredible and has taken me several hours to process. Four hours later and I’m still having trouble believing it. 

Sara and I walked into the maternity ward asking if there were any imminent deliveries, excepting to get the usual answers of “You just missed one” or “not for several hours”. However this time, we were rewarded with a casual “Yes there’s one right now”. And off we went to the delivery room, not really expecting to see anything.

I walked in and was greeted with grunts coming from a woman lying on a hospital cot. She was making so little noise that I was sure her contractions had just started and it would be hours before the baby was delivered.

Not even two minutes later, the baby’s head began to appear! And with a monumental push, the rest of the baby popped out. I just stood there in complete shock, my mouth hanging wide open, trying to process the scene in front of me. I had just witnessed the miracle of life!

The baby was incredibly tiny, but breathing and crying and very much alive. It was such an amazing experience! Although I am definitely scared of childbirth now…