Getting Touristy

The past two weekends I’ve decided to get my tourist on and visit other parts of Ghana. Besides getting my purse stolen by two guys with a knife this past weekend, the trips have been amazing. We’ve visited a monkey sanctuary, climbed the tallest mountain in Ghana, swam under a waterfall, gone on a canopy walk, touched crocodiles and explored a slave castle. Every part of Ghana that I’ve seen so far has so much character, even if it is a tourist location.


Feeding a monkey at the monkey sanctuary. They were feisty!


At the top of Afadjato, the tallest mountain in Ghana. Hiking the 2904 feet to the top was quite the challenge


The waterfall near Afadjato


Inching our way into the waterfall


This picture was taken right before the crocodile started moving and I subsequently started screaming and running away


The entrance to the male dungeon at the Cape Coast Slave Castle


The view from the slave castle. Photo courtesy of Lin Li


On the canopy walk




3 thoughts on “Getting Touristy

  1. Eeeek Arienne, just been reading all your posts from Ghana. I can’t believe someone took your purse, I hope you’re okay after that. I’m very pleased Bright told that woman off for slapping her child repeatedly. I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Ghana. Miss you!

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